• G-shockzone G-Shock G-6900-1D giveaway - NOW CLOSED

    Next up for a G-Shockzone giveaway is the G-6900-1D model we have in for review currently. That's right, we're giving away a tough solar G-Shock G-6900-1D to one of our registered users! To enter you'll need to-
    *Register (if not done so already)
    *Introduce yourself here
    *Comment on this post (the G-shockzone G-Shock G-6900-1D giveaway post!).

    We'll draw a winner at random at the end of February. Please note one entry per user!

    Comments 111 Comments
    1. skidzz's Avatar
      skidzz -
      wish I win!that would look great in my collection.Very nice site!
    1. BEEPO-1's Avatar
      BEEPO-1 -
      I'm a big fan of tough solar Casio's, Iv'e had a tough solar radio controled Arnie, and a Casio Lineage the movements are outstanding. Jason
    1. agentzigzag's Avatar
      agentzigzag -
      My favourite shape of G!
    1. xenio's Avatar
      xenio -
      This is great watch especially with solar function. I like the way it looks on the hand. Considdering I still dont have any of g shock (nor casio at all) I would be very satisfied with this one. Great watch. Congrats gshock zone.
    1. brandonhawkeye12's Avatar
      brandonhawkeye12 -
      Need A NEW SHOCK!!
    1. Mario M. Villanueva's Avatar
      Mario M. Villanueva -
      Love the G-shock!! Now I understand they have G-shock cell phones?? gotta get one of those!!
    1. Patricktjy's Avatar
      Patricktjy -
      Hi, I am Patrick, who from Malaysia. I am a collector of GShock. Nice to meet you all
    1. Joćo Mesquita's Avatar
      Joćo Mesquita -
      Hello, i'm Joćo, new in the box!
      I'm from Portugal and i'm a G-Shock enthusiastic since 2001.
      Good to be apart of this group.

      Quote Originally Posted by leif View Post
      i'm from philippines, i'm looking for this watch especially the dw-6900 ms-1 and dw-6900 nb-7...
    1. Joćo Mesquita's Avatar
      Joćo Mesquita -
      Hello, cool idea!
      GW6900 all time favourite ... i miss that on my collection
    1. Andthenhow's Avatar
      Andthenhow -
      Hi I'm Joey from Singapore. I really hope to be able to win this watch for my bf. hopefully it will be a stepping stone to starting a collection for more Gshock watches for my bf. n I wanna b part of it!
    1. Eagle5JJC's Avatar
      Eagle5JJC -
      Awesome site!!! Just came across it and found new info already!!! Hopefully Lady luck is on my side
    1. Subcrunk's Avatar
      Subcrunk -
      New to the site, glad to be here! Would love to win this awesome watch
    1. Nigel Wright's Avatar
      Nigel Wright -
      Would love to win a second G-shock to add to my converted Dw002/6900 hybrid watch.

    1. jimmy88's Avatar
      jimmy88 -
      Im having some of this
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Going to call this after the weekend...last couple of days to enter
    1. Pendragon69's Avatar
      Pendragon69 -
      Hello from the UK. New to the G-Shock range. Hope to get one, one day
    1. gaelonesippe's Avatar
      gaelonesippe -
      love it!!!
    1. renegadewill's Avatar
      renegadewill -
      I would love this watch so much. This would make me feel like a true action film hero, because many of them have worn a 6900.
    1. JoburgBoy's Avatar
      JoburgBoy -
      DW-6900 is a super classic!!! Winner winner, chicken dinner!!
    1. sanketpoojari's Avatar
      sanketpoojari -
      hey hi dis is sanket ,i work in london, i first tym i saw d g-shock watches in london ,i like d watch so dat i make my mind 2 buy it but afterwards wat happen i dont knw.......nw wen i came back 2 india ....i saw g shock watches nd also dis G-Shock G-6900-1D giveaway contest nd nw i make up my mind dat dis watch i shld get it.
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