• New G-9200ER-3DR Riseman, Gulfman and Mudman preview

    Further to the news we brought you on the new GF-8250ER-2DR Frogman which is expected April 2012 forum member skidzz has managed to grab some more pics of upcoming models. There will be three new Masters of G coming in the same ER series which include the G-9200ER-3DR Riseman a new Mudman (which could be the G-9300ER-3DR or G-9300ER-2DR) and a new Gulfman (which could be the GR-9110ER-2DR or GR-9110ER-3DR - again no model number visible). Going from the two known model numbers and checking against the G-Shock model number reference in the wiki it looks like the new GF-8250ER-2DR will have blue highlights and the G-9200ER-3DR green highlights. What the ER series will be we are not sure, perhaps another Men In Series? Anyhow, pics below. Full details when we have them.

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    Где купить дешёвые часы?

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    New! G-Shock Nissan (Nismo) "G-100" (2000)

    I am sorry, but the comment you wrote is "garbled"... So could you write again?

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    WRUW Monday 18 - Sunday 24 January 2021

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    New Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR limited edition

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