• Stussy x G-Shock retrospective

    To celebrate the release of the Stussy x G-Shock G-001 (news of which we brought you back in November) Stussy Japan have produced a pictorial history overview of all the G-Shock collabs to date. Full set of pics after the jump, enjoy

    Stussy x G-shock overview

    Stussy x G-Shock DW-6900. The original collab, released back in 1997.

    Stussy x G-Shock DW-6900. The second collab, released in 2005 to celebrate 25 years of Stussy.

    Stussy x G-Shock DW-5000ST. Released in 2008 to celebrate 25 years of G-Shock.

    Stussy x G-Shock DW-6900ST. Released in 2010 to celebrate 30 years of Stussy.

    Stussy x G-Shock G-001ST. Released in 2011.

    Thanks to highsnobiety and Stussy Japan.
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      rutteger -
      Attachment 1808

      Stussy x G-Shock DW-5000ST image

      Attachment 1829

      Stussy x G-shock DW-6900STS-9JR image
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