• Club G-Shock News #120 - 1st Feb 2012

    The latest Club G-Shock newsletter has been released by Casio Japan. The main highlights are

    *G-Shock February 2012 release, including of course the GW-4000. Full details on the G-Shock Feb 12 new releases here.
    *G-Shock Shock The World website update > http://g-shock.jp/stw/ . The site which showcases G-Shocks in sport, music, art and fashion has been updated for 2012.
    *G-Shock cellphone site > http://at-g.jp/ . This seems to host wallpaper and other items for mobile users. All in Japanese. Assume Japan only sadly
    *Casio community. Japan only I'm afraid.

    To read the full newsletter autotranslated from Japanese click here

    <> ----------------------------------<>
    * **** Club G-SHOCK News ***** No.120 2012/2/1 issue
    <> ----------------------------------<>
    TOPICS ************************************************** ***************
    ■ 2012 SPRING The new product of sale will be exhibited in February.
    ■ SHOCK THE WORLD Mix culture move which -SHOCK gives all over the world"
    メント is reported.
    - MUSIC : SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR 2011 in MOSCOW cellphone site "@G G-SHOCK 待受 which moves"
    ■ "The Casio discovery community Discover CASIO"!
    ************************************************** **********************
    ================================================== ======================
    ■ 2012 SPRING The new product of sale will be exhibited in February.
    If the late model which is a sale schedule will be checked in February, http://g-shock.jp/products/will be accessed right now!
    - I kept you waiting!
    NEW SKY COCKPIT (GW-4000) series puts on the market at last!!
    NEW SKY COCKPIT which had become adjourned sale puts on the market at last.
    In addition, oscillating-proof structure is newly equipped, without centrifugal-proof [ shock-proof x ] gravity.
    It had "TRIPLE G RESIST" and evolved into TOUGHNESS more.
    I adopt a wide face dial window and a three-dimensional index, and pilot ウォッチ which G-SHOCK expresses appears at last.
    - A standard combination model accomplishes evolution and appears!!
    The combination model of digital one and an analog and AWG-101 series are functional evolution!
    Long-awaited multiband 6-ization was achieved.
    Furthermore, when a time needle overlaps on a digital display, the function to move a needle temporarily by one push is carried.
    It is the appearance of the NEW standard model which reconciled TOUGHNESS and practicality!!
    - FIRE PACKAGE 2012 model presented to people who challenge appears!!
    The 2012 model of FIRE PACKAGE towards people who challenge the new field at a new season appears!! It is lineup about two models which applied the polish to the basic performance.
    It adhered to the black which is a brand color of G-SHOCK, and finished cool.
    It goes into a special package and is the optimal model also for a gift.
    - Metallic Dial Series (metallic dial series) which looks beautiful in a street fashion scene appears!!
    Miller processing is given to a dial window and a front button, and the cool and individual model which releases skillful brightness appears.
    the body of use of color simple on a mat -- glitteringly -- with no releasing [ back up the part which shines and ]-by arm origin-intense individuality mistake!!
    ■ "SHOCK THE WORLD" web A site is updated!
    SPORTS, MUSIC, ART, and FASHION -- it is a check about the mix culture movement which .. and G-SHOCK give to the world!!
    - SPORTS
    "TOUGH" -- the hot battle by athletes!
    In 11/12 and Roppongi Hills, the battle event "REAL TOUGHNESS in TOKYO" which rounds off 2011 was held in SHOCK THE WORLD tour!
    A SPECIAL event is held in a popular select shop!
    The play vent of G-SHOCK REAL TOUGHNESS was performed to 11/2 which G-SHOCKxBEAUTY&YOUTH SPECIAL PARTY leaves on the store B1F men's floor as the BEAUTY&YOUTH Shibuya park!
    - PEOPLE
    For the top rider whom now the world observes from super kids!
    The 16 year-old [ of some ] Brazilian skater PEDRO BARROS (Pedro バロス).
    The young top rider of a threat, such as winning the victory in the X-GAME super park performed by LA in 2010 including the skateboard from 2 years old, contracts with G-SHOCK!
    - MUSIC
    It is first holding in SHOCK THE WORLD Russia!
    The Republic of Russia with the country of the SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR 2011 in MOSCOW largest in the world.
    The first SHOCK THE WORLD in the capital Moscow was held to 9/29!
    ■ Cellphone site "@G G-SHOCK 待受 which moves"
    The cellphone site to which begins a G-SHOCK motif and a character, a cool taste awaits, and wallpaper is equal
    "@G G-SHOCK 待受 which moves."
    It is from here in detail!
    <> Fee : Monthly amount of 315 yen (including tax)
    * You can use the information on new products of G-SHOCK, SHOCK THE WORLD, etc. for free.
    ■ Under the "Casio discovery community Discover CASIO!" monitor campaign enforcement
    In the community "Discover CASIO" of the Casio official recognition, monitor present campaign is on going every month!
    The present goods of a start are electronic dictionaries on Mon., February 6! Please come for play!
    < participation is the Quan Tan no charge >.
    http://www.c-player.com/casio (common to a cellular phone/PC)

    [Discover CASIO! Reference]
    Discover CASIO!
    Management secretariat (casio-support@aveclab.net)
    ================================================== ======================
    G-SHOCK information site [G-SHOCK.JP] http://g-shock.jp/
    Baby-G information site [Baby-G.jp] http://baby-g.jp/
    ================================================== ======================
    When the distribution stop (withdrawal from the membership of Club G-SHOCK) of Club G-SHOCK News is wished, sorry to trouble you, but please take the necessary procedure on the following page.
    Moreover, when a registration mail address is changed, I have the procedure of a distribution stop once carried out about the mail address of the present registration on the same page sorry to trouble you, but, and please register newly again by a new mail address.
    □ Correction of withdrawal-from-the-membership / registration information is on the page here.
    ================================================== ======================
    □ The opinion, comment, etc. over Club G-SHOCK
    I need your help to webmaster@g-shock.jp.
    ================================================== ======================
    Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
    ================================================== ======================
    - The printing to re-distribution, the homepage, etc. of this mail should withhold.
    - These contents are the information for the inside of Japan.
    - Copyright(c) 2012 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. All rights reserved.
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