• In4mation x G-Shock GLX-150X-7JR coming June 2012

    Coming June 2012 is the new In4mation x G-Shock GLX-150X-7JR. Watch this space for more details.

    Thanks to Clement Wong for the news and images.
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    1. Willylix's Avatar
      Willylix -
      wowzers!...can't wait to get this one!!
    1. Willylix's Avatar
      Willylix -
      boy was I wrong on this one!...hah
    1. k1ngunit's Avatar
      k1ngunit -
      Lol. Glad I didn't get one. Too white for me
    1. chrisek's Avatar
      chrisek -
      Glad i got one. But to be fair, it was my first collab and not a big investment.
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