• Wu-Tang Clan x G-Shock due June 2012

    Could be a pretty cool collaboration given the Wu-Tang Clan's strong image. Due June 2012, more details when we have them.

    Information came from a video interview with Dre Hayes G-Shock Brand Manager at the Agenda Show NYC. Check the full video here.

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    1. chavo60's Avatar
      chavo60 -
      I cant wait to see what this looks like! I WANT IT NOW!!!
    1. iidatdudeii's Avatar
      iidatdudeii -
      hope its a 6900 .. if it is .. I will definitely be on the hunt for that when it comes out!!
    1. chavo60's Avatar
      chavo60 -
      hope its not limited to 100 or something crazy like that.
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Who knows what it'll be, the only info we have is from the video above. Could well be a 6900 but your guess is as good as mine Think it should see a fairly wide release, certainly more than 100 pieces
    1. TZA's Avatar
      TZA -
      Wu Tang Clan ain't nuthin to f*€k wit...

      I would prefer it be on the lines of the new hundreds collab; solar, atomic, WT, PS. oh, and make it a screw back with Ti accents. gotta have that WU symbol in the EL too. yea buddy!
    1. Shocker's Avatar
      Shocker -
      Quote Originally Posted by TZA View Post
      gotta have that WU symbol in the EL too. yea buddy!
      Guaranteed! I'm excited for this. Hoping for a GD100 or even GA110 / GA150 if they do the colors right..

      Don't go cheap.. get the custom caseback.. custom dial.. not just adding print to a strap and calling it a collab. But the Wu symbol is a must!
    1. Psweeting's Avatar
      Psweeting -
      I'll be picking this one up (design, price and model permitting).
    1. chavo60's Avatar
      chavo60 -
      I would do a black and gold 6900 with gold bees on the band and and and.... The woo on the EL a must!!!

      Oh baby for heavens sake!!!
    1. BEEPO-1's Avatar
      BEEPO-1 -
      Personally, I think they should step out of the box a little and do a Frogman, or maybe re-release it as an MR-G 110T or maybe a a Mudman or something like that. How come 6900's are used sooo much for collabs? Just curious.
      Jason M.
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      It would be cool to see something a little different model wise. Not sure why they always use the 6900, perhaps because it's one of the classic models, perhaps because they're all setup to run new collaborations on this model...
    1. Willylix's Avatar
      Willylix -
      i wonder what model they'll base this off of. I can feel an 8900 for the 'Clan.
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