• G-Shock May 2012 New Releases

    May 2012 sees Casio Japan releasing seventeen new models, three of which have been delayed from the April 2012 G-Shock release. Once again thanks to the sneak previews G-Shockzone have brought you over the last few weeks there is little we haven't seen before. The big news for the May 2012 G-Shock release is as follows

    • The Garish Black pack we previewed back in February sees an official release with the new G-Shock GW-9200BWJ-1JF Riseman, G-Shock GW-9110BW-1JF Gulfman, G-Shock GA-150BW-1AJF, G-Shock DW-6900BW-1JF, G-Shock GA-200BW-1AJF, G-Shock GD-100BW-1JF and G-Shock AWG-M100BW-1JF. All feature black bands and bezels with negative displays and silver digits / accents.
    • Four models from the all new G-Shock GLX-150 G-Lide range see the light of day. The GLX-150 G-Lide range features moonphase and tidegraph and dual display. The G-Shock GLX-150-1JF features a black band and bezel with negative display, the G-Shock GLX-150-2JF features a light blue band, dark blue bezel and purple display, the G-Shock GLX-150-4JF features a yellow band and black bezel and the G-Shock GLX-150-4JF features a white band and bezel with a negative display.
    • Two models from the new G-Shock GWX-8900 range are released. The GWX-8900's key features are multiband6 atomic time sync, tide graph and moon phase - the G-Shock will of course have all the normal features. Two model are being released May 2012 are the black with positive display and blue accents G-Shock GWX-8900-1JF and white with negative display G-Shock GWX-8900B-7JF.
    • Two models from the Men in Military Colors pack are set for release, see the G-Shock Men in Military Colors pack preview we brought you back in February. The gray and blue G-Shock GW-9110ER-2JF Gulfman is pushed back from it's scheduled April release and the dark and light green GW-9200ERJ-3JF Riseman completes this set.
    • And finally the G-Shock G-001RF-9JF and G-7900RF-1JF from the G-Shock Rastafarian pack are delayed from April to May release.

    The all important pictures follow

    G-Shock GW-9200BWJ-1JF Riseman Garish Black

    G-Shock GW-9110BW-1JF Gulfman Garish Black

    G-Shock GA-150BW-1AJF Garish Black

    G-Shock DW-6900BW-1JF Garish Black

    G-Shock GA-200BW-1AJF Garish Black

    G-Shock GD-100BW-1JF Garish Black

    G-Shock AWG-M100BW-1JF Garish Black

    G-Shock GLX-150-1JF G-Lide

    G-Shock GLX-150-2JF G-Lide

    G-Shock GLX-150-4JF G-Lide

    G-Shock GLX-150-4JF G-Lide

    G-Shock GW-9110ER-2JF Gulfman

    G-Shock GW-9200ERJ-3JF Riseman

    G-Shock GWX-8900-1JF

    G-Shock GWX-8900B-7JF

    G-Shock G-001RF-9JF

    G-Shock G-7900RF-1JF

    Thanks to Casio Japan for the news
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    Comments 8 Comments
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      What do we reckon then? Liking the white GWX-8900B-7 here
    1. k1ngunit's Avatar
      k1ngunit -
      I like the glx-150 the blue one
    1. Shocker's Avatar
      Shocker -
      New Frogman not released 4/30 like Japanese retailers have been saying?

      Edit: It does release 4/30.. was part of the April release.. my fault
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      @Shocker - you going for one
    1. jeff9's Avatar
      jeff9 -
      Does anyone know if the RAF GW-A1000 will be avail' in NorthAmerica thx
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Quote Originally Posted by jeff9 View Post
      Does anyone know if the RAF GW-A1000 will be avail' in NorthAmerica thx
      Not sure as yet. At a guess, yes. The regular GW-A1000 and GW-A1000D are due in the US July. No word on date for the RAF collab as yet.
    1. jaydeeohh's Avatar
      jaydeeohh -
      I like the black and orange combo on the GLX-150-4JF G-Lide. I might have to grab one.
    1. stevenbgs1100's Avatar
      stevenbgs1100 -
      I like the garish black models. I like all the Atomic Solar ones best. Some nice examples. No doubt they will be very expensive to buy and import from Japan though.
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