• G-Shock July 2012 New Releases Part II - Metallic Dial Series

    Casio Japan have announced six further new releases for July 2012 which along with the nine models already announced for the G-Shock July 2012 new release bring the tally to fifteen for this month. The six newly announced models make up the latest part of the G-Shock Metallic Dial Series. There are three DW-6900 Metallic Dial models, the DW-6900MF-1JF with a black band and bezel and purple dial, the DW-6900MF-2JF with a silver band and bezel and aqua dial and DW-6900MF-4JF with a red band, bezel and dial. Three ani-digi GA-150 models make up the remainder of the Metallic Dial Series, the GA-150MF-1AJF with a black band and bezel and red dial, the GA-150MF-7AJF with a white band and bezel and blue face and finally the GA-150MF-8AJF with a black band and bezel and silver dial.

    G-Shock DW-6900MF-1JF Metallic Dial

    G-Shock DW-6900MF-2JF Metallic Dial

    G-Shock DW-6900MF-4JF Metallic Dial

    G-Shock GA-150MF-1AJF Metallic Dial

    G-Shock GA-150MF-7AJF Metallic Dial

    G-Shock GA-150MF-8AJF Metallic Dial
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    1. k1ngunit's Avatar
      k1ngunit -
      If I HAD to pick one. GUN TO MY HEAD. Id pick the red DW. The GA 150s are not working for me.
    1. tjf's Avatar
      tjf -
      The white GA is da bomb
    1. Shocker's Avatar
      Shocker -
      Looks to me like the band and bezel have a metallic finish, perhaps this is what the MF stands for. Me, I likey the red 6900 best from the July release
    1. agentzigzag's Avatar
      agentzigzag -
      The first 6900 and the red 6900 are a good look, the last black/silver/purple watch is also very nice.
    1. Willylix's Avatar
      Willylix -
      I like the blue and white ga150. Althought I think it would look better if not metallic. just my opinion.
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