• Red Bull Racing x Edifice EFR-520RB-1AJR - July 2012 New Release

    Casio Japan have announced their latest collaboration with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, the Red Bull Racing x Edifice EFR-520RB-1AJR. The all new Red Bull Racing Edifice follows the Red Bull Racing x Edifice EQW-A1000RB-1AJR which was released in conjunction with the F1 team last year. The EFR-520RB-1AJR features a Red Bull Racing logo to the dial, Red Bull color scheme and limited edition box set packaging. It also of course features all the functionality of the regular EFR-520RB. The watch should be hitting stores in Japan later this month.

    Red Bull Racing x Edifice EFR-520RB-1AJR

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    1. k1ngunit's Avatar
      k1ngunit -
      there are very few things i like in life more than casio products and red bull racing. this is a very sweet time keeper.
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Do Red Bull Racing have an Indy Car / NASCAR team? Or are you into the F1 team? Didn't think F1 was very popular in the US.
    1. k1ngunit's Avatar
      k1ngunit -
      They had a nascar team last year. Not this year tho. And indy car I do not think so.
      Its really not that popular im just a odd ball. Lol
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