• The Watch Co & G-Shockzone G-Shock GDF-100-1A Giveaway

    The Watch Co have teamed up with G-Shockzone for the August 2012 G-Shock giveaway. This month The Watch Co have kindly supplied a G-Shock GDF-100-1A which will be won by one lucky G-Shockzone member. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the Twin Sensor G-Shock GDF-100-1A is the following

    • Register if not done so already.
    • Post on this thread here to register for the competition.

    Entries will close at 23:59 GMT on Friday 31st August 2012, one lucky winner be picked at random the following day. Couldn't be easier but please note one entry per user!

    Be sure to check out The Watch Co's website > http://www.watchco.com/, they offer free US shipping, ship worldwide and offer a 365 day return policy. They are also curerently offering a US$10 on orders with promotional code watchco. Facebook users will also want to check The Watch Co's facebook page where they run regular watch giveaways. One of The Watch Co's staff is also a forum regular here on G-Shockzone so you can be assured they know their stuff

    The Watch Co & G-Shockzone G-Shock GDF-100-1A Giveaway
    The Watch Co & G-Shockzone G-Shock GDF-100-1A Giveaway
    This article was originally published in forum thread: The Watch Co & G-Shockzone G-Shock GDF-100-1A Giveaway started by rutteger View original post
    Comments 100 Comments
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Good luck everybody
    1. Gavin1980's Avatar
      Gavin1980 -
      Me please!!!!
    1. k1ngunit's Avatar
      k1ngunit -
      Im feeling lucky This time!
    1. rza1069's Avatar
      rza1069 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rutteger View Post
      Good luck everybody
      Best of luck to all!
    1. agentzigzag's Avatar
      agentzigzag -
      Yes please!
    1. chavo60's Avatar
      chavo60 -
      Please please let it be me!
    1. stevenbgs1100's Avatar
      stevenbgs1100 -
      I'm up for this.
      I forgot to enter the Rush comp recently so think my luck will change.
    1. AdamsGshocks's Avatar
      AdamsGshocks -
      hope i win this dont have any gdfs in my collection
    1. SICSHOCKER's Avatar
      Count me in!
    1. Redgordy's Avatar
      Redgordy -
      Great idea, count me in
    1. Stu65's Avatar
      Stu65 -
      Cool another draw and I am game so count me in please.

    1. pacman's Avatar
      pacman -
      I'm in!
    1. Miguel Ayako's Avatar
      Miguel Ayako -
      I'm IN...
      By the way it's my first post om G-shock Zone...

      Good Luck to all
    1. pcbdesigner's Avatar
      pcbdesigner -
      i'm in!!
    1. RStotty's Avatar
      RStotty -
      Very nice.
    1. Mike Hughes's Avatar
      Mike Hughes -
      An 11th would be awesome!
    1. speedmaster's Avatar
      speedmaster -
      Wow, would LOVE to win this. I need another watch, especially a G-Shock. I gave my only G, a Riseman to my son a couple months ago.
    1. Starscream's Avatar
      Starscream -
      would really love to win this! don't have this model.. my 1st post here, but i see a lot of familiar names! i have been following you guys on twitter tho!
    1. nickyc's Avatar
      nickyc -
      I hope I win this watch, I was looking at this the other day too. Spooky that its come up as a prize.
    1. reese07's Avatar
      reese07 -
      Count me in please!
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