• DGK x G-Shock G-8900DGK-7

    Another new model spotted at the G-Shock 30th Anniversary Kick Off Event, was this DGK x G-Shock G-8900DGK-7. This model is the second collaboration between street label DGK aka Dirty Ghetto Kids founded by skater Stevie Williams and sees the brands take a more low key approach to 2010's DGK x G-Shock GX-56DGK-1. Also shown was a matched custom skate deck, expect both to go on sale January 2013.

    Thanks to freshnessmag for news and images.
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    1. reese07's Avatar
      reese07 -
      Gotta have it! Man so many nice g- shocks so little money !
    1. Willylix's Avatar
      Willylix -
      I like this collab overall....but a couple things I'm not digging about it is, a) why would they use the most basic 8900 module, and not a gr8900 or the gwx8900, also b) the fact that it's clear jelly means, most people who buy this will be for collective purposes only, not to actually wear.

      Does anyone know if there's a custom backlight?
    1. h2o's Avatar
      h2o -
      like these
    1. seanobsdot's Avatar
      seanobsdot -
      Not taken back as much as I thought I was going to be by this collaboration. They definetly could have done a bit more for this watch which a lot of people are looking toward to.
    1. rogerlike's Avatar
      rogerlike -
      wow what's wrong with the guy on the poster!
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