• Trasher x G-Shock DW-5600

    Iconic skate magazine / brand Trasher have teamed up with G-Shock on the Trasher x G-Shock DW-5600. The collaboration features chequerboard dial, SKATE AND DESTROY EL logo, custom packaging, custom engraved caseback and black band and bezel. Available for pre-order from Japanese site PAL CLOSET and in Luis stores from 1st September 2012 we are unclear if this will see an official release outside Japan - we expect not.

    Thanks to eyescream.jp for the news and zozo.jp for some images.
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    New Mudmaster

    Well, from what I've read, it just sometimes takes a few nights to get itself right. I'm hoping so.

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    New Mudmaster

    Ya know, for some reason neither watch is syncing with the Atomic clock. Usually my Pathfinder will sync at night will I'm asleep. The last time she did

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    WRUW Monday 13 - Sunday 19 May 2019

    Awesome pic!
    That's s nice Mudmaster too.

    MacLaren Today, 13:15 Go to last post

    WRUW Monday 13 - Sunday 19 May 2019

    ... Thanks👍😎 6 years into the G game.... so it didn't happen overnight 😎👍Camo Mudmaster the other day overlooking the

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