• G-Shock Lover's Collection 2012 releases November 2012

    Casio has announced the G-Shock Lover's Collection for 2012. This year two sets are being released, the all white LOV-12A set and black LOV-12B set.

    The LOV-12A set features a G-Shock GA-200 and Baby-G BGA-130 both are gloss white with gold hands and feature custom heart shaped packaging. According to Casio the white 'expresses the romantic pomp of a White Christmas'.

    The LOV-12B set features a G-Shock DW-6900 and Baby-G BG-6900 both in gloss black with some pink details to the dial along with the custom heart shaped packaging. The black LOV-12B set is designed after the illumination of a snowy Christmas Eve with the pink details reminding the proud wearers of berries. Really.

    Japanese marketing which perhaps doesn't translate so well these are some of the strongest lover's sets we've seen. Expect a Japan only release on these, they'll be hitting stores 23rd November.

    G-Shock Lover's Collection 2012 - LOV-12A

    G-Shock Lover's Collection 2012 - LOV-12B
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    1. CTDesigns's Avatar
      CTDesigns -
      wifey like the white set, let me know if anyone has em in stock, thanks!
    1. chavo60's Avatar
      chavo60 -
      I'd like a set .... please let me know what online stores will carry it at retail cost. Thanks!
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Assume this'll be a JDM only release, don't recall the Lover's Collection getting a worldwide drop in the past.

      I'd take a look at the Japanese suppliers here > http://www.g-shockzone.com/showwiki....to-buy-G-Shock , Seiya-san is always a good place to start.
    1. Flisu's Avatar
      Flisu -
      if anybody want i have brand new, never used set from 2008 - 280$
    1. Awesomepotato's Avatar
      Awesomepotato -
      Where can I get this in Malaysia?
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