• G-Shock Initial Blue 30th Anniversary Series releasing January 2013

    Casio Japan have announced the Initial Blue 30th Anniversary Series which is set for release on the 25th January 2013. The G-Shock Initial Blue Series is the second set of 30th Anniversary models following on from the G-Shock Rising Red 30th Anniversary Series which were released earlier in 2012. Six models are set for release, all featuring black bands and bezels, blue details and custom 30th Anniversary packaging and keepers.

    G-Shock GA-113B-1AJR

    G-Shock GA-303B-1AJR

    G-Shock GB-5600AA-A1JR

    G-Shock GB-6900AA-A1JR

    G-Shock GW-9230BJ-1JR Riseman

    G-Shock GW-9330B-1JR Mudman

    For discussion please see Next wave of 30th Anniversary G-shocks in the forum
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    1. Gary7's Avatar
      Gary7 -
      Any indication of just how "limited" this is? I've not been able to find anything yet...
    1. chrisek's Avatar
      chrisek -
      Yes. Limited to 17,000 pieces worldwide. I'll see if i can find it.
    1. Gary7's Avatar
      Gary7 -
      Yes, I was just informed of this on WUS as well. There is as yet no information about how many of each model there will be. Historically speaking, CASIO seems to mix it up where some models have fewer units, sometimes on the order of thousands. Maybe they do that because of the anticipated sales, as some models simply sell better than others.
    1. chrisek's Avatar
      chrisek -
      Agreed. I think casio does a relatively good job of not overproducing so i am sure they have their own ideas of how many to make.
      I am looking for production #'s for another watch as well and have yet to find them on the web. Other than genuinely limited (3000 or less) i don't think Casio discloses. Could be wrong though.
    1. blackarrow7302's Avatar
      blackarrow7302 -
      that GW-9330B-1JR looks like a stunner!... ...
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