• New G-Shock GD-350 with vibration coming Feb 13

    Casio Japan have announced the all new G-Shock GD-350 range which are set for release on the 28th February 2013. The watch is initially being released in 3 colorways, the black with positive face G-Shock GD-350-1JF, the black with negative face GD-350-1BJF and finally the gray G-Shock GD-350-8JF. The headline features for this retro styled G-Shock GD-350 are the vibration function along with the super illuminator backlight. Japanese retail is 13500 Yen which is around £95GBP / USD$150 - expect street price to be a little less.

    From left to right G-Shock GD-350-1, G-Shock GD-350-1B and G-Shock GD-350-8
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    1. Arcy's Avatar
      Arcy -
      I like the black with the negative display.
    1. Gavin1980's Avatar
      Gavin1980 -
      Loving the 1B
    1. Bubbly Tubs's Avatar
      Bubbly Tubs -
      I have to agree the neg is my favourite.
      Bit concerned with what is written across the bottom of the display though.
      Maybe a limited run of "Vibrator Protection" G shocks ha ha
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Quite keen on this one, esp if it's as chunky as the measurements would suggest. Not super keen about the Vibrator text (thanks BT for highlighting that) but there we go...
    1. Bubbly Tubs's Avatar
      Bubbly Tubs -
      Wonder how long they will run with that text on the display. Wouldn't be surprised if the second run are changed.
    1. chrisek's Avatar
      chrisek -
      Definitely in for the neg display but need to try it on first. Haven't enjoyed the "wings" on other G's yet.
    1. deckard's Avatar
      deckard -
      Love the grey model.
      Like the case shape of the GD-350
    1. k1ngunit's Avatar
      k1ngunit -
      I like the grey too. 2 tone LCD is neat.
    1. Gary7's Avatar
      Gary7 -
      There's a guy going by the name fwupow on YouTube who has posted a highly detailed video about the GD-350. Apparently these models have already been for sale in Japan, which Rakuten has made possible to purchase. Also eBay has them, but for higher prices. I'm curious to see how the pricing works out once they become officially available to the USA.

      CASIO has introduced some really welcome enhancements, especially with the CDT. It is nicely incorporated into the main time display. So, when the CDT is running it will show up in place of the date on the main time display. You can also momentarily check the day/date by pressing the Adjust button, without interrupting the timer. Also, when the timer has stopped, you can momentarily press the Adjust button to see what the time setting is. Lastly, you can kick off the timer quite easily from the main display, just by pressing the "Start" buttton (D). Having the 5th light button makes this possible.

      All in all, this module is turning out to be really good. I'm just a bit disappointed that CASIO didn't include any progress beeps on the CDT (which is something that was available on a few previous models). Also, it sounds like the alarm beep tone has not been improved much. At least you have vibration, which is very nice. I also like the fact that this model is not solar/atomic. A robust CR-2032 powers it, so there's no fear of running it dry faster than expected.
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