• Stussy x Bape x G-Shock Frogman

    To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the opening of NOWHERE in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan by Bape kingpin Nigo this Stussy x Bape x G-Shock Frogman is being released along with a pair of commemorative T-Shirts. This collaboration features BAPE and Stussy logos to the dial, a distinctive custom EL, custom caseback and of course custom packaging. Numbers are limited, release will be 27th April for •47,250 (USD$510).

    Source - Stussy.jp.
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    1. JayAreGee's Avatar
      JayAreGee -
      I would definitely like to pick this up as soon as it becomes available! I hope I get one!
    1. wesleyforbes's Avatar
      wesleyforbes -
      This is sick! I just would never be able to afford one
    1. rza1069's Avatar
      rza1069 -
      come on Wesley!!! U can do it!
    1. melfiz's Avatar
      melfiz -
      Wont be easy to get imo, if not wrong already start preorder for this collaboration..
    1. dynosaur's Avatar
      dynosaur -
      Can any kind soul tell me where can i pre order this?
    1. stevenbgs1100's Avatar
      stevenbgs1100 -
      Hmm. Not a very nice looking piece at all for me.
      Maybe its just me but Casio seem to be releasing too many so called LE models and some look questionable to put it kindly.
      My fave release they have done in recent times is the GW-A1000 30th anniversary watch.
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      This article implies the G will be available via Zozo > http://stussy.jp/blog/2013/04/22/stu...shock-frogman/
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