• G-Shock Blue and Red Series - March 2013 G-Shock New Release

    After what appeared to be a light March 2013 release Casio Japan have announced four new models for March 2013 - the G-Shock Blue and Red Series. The range consists of four models, all in strong red and blue colorways.

    G-Shock DW-6900AC-2

    G-Shock GA-110AC-4A

    G-Shock GA-110AC-7A

    G-Shock GAC-100AC-2A
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    1. JayAreGee's Avatar
      JayAreGee -
      I'm really excited to pick up the 7AJF and the 6900AC-2. Haven't been this excited to pick up pieces in a while!
    1. MGodwin86's Avatar
      MGodwin86 -
      Wonder if the G-Shock DW-6900AC-2 will be available in the uk
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Got to hope they'll see a UK and pretty wide release. Given they're a regular series they shouldn't be too limited.

      The 6900 and GA-110 are super strong
    1. Bubbly Tubs's Avatar
      Bubbly Tubs -
      I do like he 6900, and the GA 110-7 is nice, but might need to switch out the bezel.
    1. JayAreGee's Avatar
      JayAreGee -
      My 6900ac-2jf came in the post yesterday. I've never picked up a Japan release before, the box/case was a nice surprise. The piece itself is very nice. I would have liked to see a little more color contrast on the band/bezel combo, but I honestly still like the watch as-is. The 110ac-7a is due to come in, soon. THAT piece I'm thoroughly excited for! Would definitely recommend for fellow collectors. Not sure if there'll be a US release. Nab 'em while ya can, I guess.
    1. Dez's Avatar
      Dez -
      Waiting on the 4A. I will post a pic when I receive it sometime next week I hope.
    1. jiomariano's Avatar
      jiomariano -
      Love the 6900! Can any of you give a referral to a legit online seller? I'm afraid my country won't be getting any of the releases and I'd hate to miss the 6900 and GA-110. Cheers!
    1. Psweeting's Avatar
      Psweeting -
      My 4A arrived a few days ago and I have to say I'm pretty let down with how toy like it is. I can't see me ever wearing it. The only plus point is the standard digi display is much easier to read than a coloured one.
    1. Dez's Avatar
      Dez -
      Fresh in from Japan.
    1. WiLr0xDaSp0t's Avatar
      WiLr0xDaSp0t -
      anyone know where to get these with out the super inflation prices?
    1. Dez's Avatar
      Dez -
      Yeah Japan
    1. WiLr0xDaSp0t's Avatar
      WiLr0xDaSp0t -
      how much are they and do you a exact link to where I can order them?
    1. Dez's Avatar
      Dez -
      I paid $176.12 shipped. They ship really fast. You get it between 5-7 days. Faster if your in Hawaii or West Coast. Here's the link.
    1. WiLr0xDaSp0t's Avatar
      WiLr0xDaSp0t -
      ok ty
    1. Dez's Avatar
      Dez -
      No prob. Just post a pic when u get something. Enjoy
    1. Deaks's Avatar
      Deaks -
      I am really hoping we see the 6900. Gmikey ?
    1. JayAreGee's Avatar
      JayAreGee -
      Quote Originally Posted by Deaks View Post
      I am really hoping we see the 6900. Gmikey ?

      Mine came in a few days ago. Very nice piece, indeed.
    1. blackarrow7302's Avatar
      blackarrow7302 -
      waiting for my incoming 6900AC
    1. Gavin1980's Avatar
      Gavin1980 -
      Has the 6900 dropped in the states yet? My sister is in NY at the mo and was going to see if she could pick it up for me
    1. royeight's Avatar
      royeight -
      I've collected 2 out of 4 models of this series which is the DW6900 and the GA110, Now going for another 2 to complete! Is Rakuten a trusted site for authentic products?
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