• Slingshox x Ayako dropping 10th May

    Portugese Designer, G-Shock Fan and forum memebr Miguel Ayako has followed his awesome line of G-Shock concept designs with a collaboration with Slingshox.

    Miguel Ayako is an amazing artist from Portugal. I am inspired by his artistic style and understanding of the unique space where art and fashion collide,” says Brett Pulli, SlingShox’s Founder and CEO. “Ayako has a passion for G-Shock watches and street culture. It is a great match for the SlingShox brand. The product really speaks for itself. SlingShox is launching the first ever watchband accessory that transforms a G-Shock into a glow-in-the-dark work of art. It’s an amazing piece to add to any G-Shock collection. The fact that we limited the production makes it extremely desirable. SlingShox will sell out of this product in a very short time after the live release.”

    The Miguel Ayako SlingShox will be available exclusively at www.theslingshox.com on Friday, May 10, @ 4:20pm EST. The collaboration is a limited-edition band and only 250 will be available for sale. The price is only $40 on the SlingShox website.
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    1. Dez's Avatar
      Dez -
      Did you order one? I still managed to order one an hour after the release. And a lime green yellow too. I already have a purple one. They are quite comfortable. I will post up glow in the dark pics when I get it hopefully..
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      No, sadly wasn't at the PC.

      Looking forward to pics
    1. Dez's Avatar
      Dez -
      Are they Sold Out yet? I almost bought 2 but 40bucks times 2 is the price of a new gshock lol
    1. Dez's Avatar
      Dez -
      Just arrived
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      What do you think so far?

      Just seen a heads up from slingshox as to what they have coming up. Been asked to keep the images under wraps for a few days but it's looking pretty cool
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