• G-Shock Bluetooth GB-5600B - October 2013 G-Shock New Release

    Casio have announced four new models in the second iteration of their Bluetooth G-Shocks. The G-Shock GB-5600B comes in four fresh colorways and will connect to your bluetooth v.4 mobile (basically iphone) to ensure you are never off grid.

    G-Shock GB-5600B-2JF

    G-Shock GB-5600B-1BJF

    G-Shock GB-5600B-9JF

    G-Shock GB-5600B-1JF
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    What strap do you have on your mudmaster?

    I'll be sure to post some pictures when it gets here

    I am interested to see how often I wear it instead of my current regular choices...

    A.J Today, 09:02 Go to last post

    What strap do you have on your mudmaster?

    Welcome aboard! And congrats on your new Olive Drab Mudmaster. A beauty no doubt. Canít help you with regards to the resin swap ( prefer to keep it as

    Deepsea_Dweller Today, 01:16 Go to last post

    WRUW Monday 13 - Sunday 19 July 2020

    Old school congregation today

    G-8900 my pick😎

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

    Deepsea_Dweller Yesterday, 23:58 Go to last post

    What strap do you have on your mudmaster?

    I've finally just ordered myself a gshock. It's been. Something that I've been thinking about for a while but only just done.

    I ordered a

    A.J Yesterday, 19:33 Go to last post
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