• Eminem x G-Shock GD-X6900MNM-1JR - December 2013 G-Shock New Release

    Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Casio have teamed up with Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem on this Eminem x G-Shock GD-X6900MNM-1JR which forms yet another part of the G-Shock 30th Anniversary release. This collaboration has been in the public domain for months now but finally the G-Shock collectors will be able to get their hands on one of these striking collaborations.The Eminem x G-Shock GD-X6900MNM-1JR is based off the new matt black GD-X6900 model and features a distinctive custom band, dial and packaging. The dial features the inverse E Eminem logo and a striking negative red display. The band features the Detroit city skyline (which is somewhat reminiscent of the Manhattan Portage logo) along with custom IP black keeper and buckle featuring the E logo. The caseback features a Slim Shady signature. The whole deal will arrive in custom black packaing once again using the Detroit skyline motif. The Eminem x G-Shock GD-X6900MNM-1JR will be hitting stores this month but is sure to sell out quick!

    Eminem x G-Shock GD-X6900MNM-1JR
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    1. Rass2016's Avatar
      Rass2016 -
      Ho have this watch brand new ?
      Can mail me
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    G Shock gpr-b1000-1er Issue

    I hope so.. only had the watch just over 2 months!

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    G Shock gpr-b1000-1er Issue

    Wow I watched the clip :-( I would try to get an another Ranger @Stu007 👍 Straight swap - Still under warranty. 1 month is really long :-(

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    G Shock gpr-b1000-1er Issue


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    G Shock gpr-b1000-1er Issue

    Oh yes.. thatís the part you highlighted.. completely lifting up away from the glass by a good 2mm and getting looser :-/

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    Stu007 Today, 08:39 Go to last post
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