• Casio G-SHOCK GA-110TS-8-4DR Review

    Mike Hughes has just posted up this video review of the upcoming G-Shock GA-110TS-8-4DR which is part of the February release sheets from casio.

    Here is my short video review going over the design details of the watch and not the functions there are many other YouTubers out there that do this so i leave that of my reviews.

    I have taken a selection of pictures of the watch and its complete retail package, also some colour comparison pictures with my Eric Haze GA-110EH-8 and 30th Baselworld DW-6930BS-8 both of which are limited edition.

    The pink accents are a neon or Hyper pink and the grey is darker in my opinion than on the Casio G-SHOCK release sheets.
    The buttons also being pink really add to the overall 'pinkness' which for my self is a huge bonus being such a fan of pink (i'm wearing my watermelon which typing this short article)

    Overall very unique and definitely a refreshing release from G-SHOCK like nothing else they have ever produced which must be hard when they have thousands of previously released watches.

    Mike Hughes

    Be sure to check out Mike's You-Tube channel here.
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    1. ryanle's Avatar
      ryanle -
      Should I have one? It looks great!

      Dapur Kubur T.3
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