• Review of G-SHOCK LRG DW-6900LR-9CR LRG

    Another installment on my YouTube channel.

    The G-SHOCK LRG DW-6900LR-9CR Lrg (Lifted Research Group) Pineapple yellow

    I've had my eyes on this watch for some time but usually the price is astronomical and i'm not one for paying over the odds (passed up many pieces due to the price being that little bit to high)

    Lets start by taking a quick look at the packaging, this version in the trunk of which there were 500 made (more in a standard cardboard box) its always nice to have a trunk, trunks just scream quality and Prestige, colour scheme matches the watch, white yellow and mint green (outer cardboard box is just mint green with white text)

    Watch face (face plate) white with mint green rim, the bezel and straps yellow with white text.

    The back light is the LRG tree with roots, pretty cool and complex at the same time.

    This was Just a short overview of the DW-6900LR-9CR

    Please check out my other G-SHOCK reviews https://www.youtube.com/user/958649
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    1. ryanle's Avatar
      ryanle -
      Shall I have one? That's great!

      scrap metal singapore
      Dapur Kubur G.9
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