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    With my usual Swiftness i have made a Couple of super quick reviews of the two Camo pieces i purchased in London last week they are now available for general sale! i was lucky enough to get one just as they arrived was only in London for the day and they took pity on me at G-SHOCK east



    For me i chose the 2 that's stood out the most but im sure many out there will have a different opinion and go with a different one, two or even five! ;-)

    Enjoy folks and please subscribe if you enjoyed my snappy reviews!

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    1. gshock201's Avatar
      gshock201 -
      Nice videos and nice camo watches!
      I'm definately getting one of those!
    1. ryanle's Avatar
      ryanle -
      That's amazing...!

      Dapur Kubur G.9
      scrap metal singapore
    1. Deetimelove's Avatar
      Deetimelove -
      looks great,

      Check out my review on my G shock at


      I plan to buy a few new models to review and would love everyone's input, so please like and subscribe.
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    First wave I suppose 👍👍

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    Awesome news. Thanks so much, I will be keeping my eyes and ears alert. I love Casio G Shocks and their anniversary watches are great.

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