• chrisek

    by Published on 2014-03-04 13:04
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    The last year and so has been a crazy year for G-Shocks. With the 30th anniversary going on we had Anniversary Editions, Collabs, and Limited Editions. Many of the collabs were criticized by the G-Shock veterans as a "weak collab". I was unsure of what they meant, I mean what is a "strong collab"? I found out.

    So enamored with this watch I have taken some dirty cell phone pics, but it is deserving of better. Labelled as a "Premium Edition" this was not a Casio release but a Bandai (parent company to the brand One Piece) release. As such it was pre-orderable through the Bandai website to Japan only. I do not know if they retailed any at storefronts or if they were internet only, I only know they sold out quickly. I have read conflicting reports of productions #'s (2,000 pieces and 3,000 pieces). Let me show you some of the Premium in this Edition ...
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