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    anything you want online

    Do not buy from the above seller on Amazon. (Anything you want online). They do not correspond with you. I ordered a watch March 10th and can not get any contact from them as to when the watch will ship. It just says "Shipping soon" in the banner. Amazon says their email does not appear to work but the company can see my emails through the Amazon site. No, Amazon has not paid them for me, but I did file a grievance. I just wanted to kknow how long it would be before the watch was to ship. It was stated that they have until March 6 to ship the watch, but with no contact from them I got concerned about the transaction. I did send them several email through Amazon. Amazon is doing a inquiry.
    Time is eternal.

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    It's one of the gripes of buying from a third party seller endorsed by Amazon. Makes eBay seem a lot better sometimes.

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    Hi Lillith, sorry to hear of your woes.

    You seem to have hit a bit of bad luck with your sellers, be assured that the vast majority of them out there in Amazon and eBay land are decent and helpful people. Let's hope that you get this one sorted either by the seller coming good or by you walking away from the deal and finding someone more dependable.

    Feedback isn't always an accurate indication of how your own particular deal may work out but it is certainly worth reading the comments that people have given to try and form an opinion. (And sometimes what may appear bad feedback is due to a vindictive comment from a moronic buyer )
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