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    GX56 Display

    Ok, I've been looking for my 1st G since I was a kid. I'm liking the GX56 but not too sure which one to go for.
    The negative ofc looks very nice but abit worried on how good or bad the display is to low & high light levels.
    So basically its either the 1AER or 1B.

    Can anyone thats has or had both give me some pointers?


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    The -1B is going to be far easier to read in all light conditions.
    The -1A negative display is designed for use in bright conditions. At night, depending on your eyes, you may have to use the EL backlight. Fortunately this model has an Auto EL feature to assist with this. Being solar, it's nothing to worry about.

    The king is a large watch, so if your wrist is 7" or less, you may want to try one on before buying.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Yeah was thinking in low light it maybe an issue but now you mention about the EL backlight. Could well stop the worries

    Mine is around 7 1/2 so I'm sure it should be fine. Suunto core isnt too much of issue & they have a big face.

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    It's thicker than the Core, but you should be fine. The -1A is easier to find right now.. even around $100.. while the -1B is going for more and harder to find right now. Let us know your decision and remember the law:

    Post pics when you get it!

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    I'm in the UK & been trying to get one 2nd hand & missed quite afew bargains. May get a new one if they really do start to be an issue to get hold of.
    Just seen a pic of a Black/Gold one but not sure of the model. Looks nice but Im sure it will be a harder one to find.

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    GX56GB-1 is the black/gold model.. it was limited in production and that one you'll almost certainly pay over retail (150 usd)

    Other parts of the world call that model the Garish Black edition. Next to impossible to read with negative display and golden digits.

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    Ah ok thanks, good to know. So the gold digits make the neg display even worse. Will avoid that model then...

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