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  1. No Year setting for the G-shock DW-6600

    I was looking over the manual, and there is no year setting for this version.
    On the net, it only states that it is pre-programmed until year 2039.

    In manual it has this diagram on how to set the times and dates by this order, but not the year.
    See attached picture.

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    Guess a few Gs lack year setting. Suppose it's only really an issue once every four years (at a leap year). Won't matter after 2039 either...
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  4. I guess I can live without the exact dates. Time would be more important to me anyway. I am by the computer all day, so year and date would not be an issue.
    Anyway, I may get another type as well sometime in the future.

    2039....Its the G-Shock's own Y2K thing....

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    You will have the exact date - day, date, month once you set it. Every February 29th (tomorrow!) you will have to adjust the watch. You will have had to reset it at least once within the four years anyway when you change the battery.

    As for the year, no easy solution. If knowing the year is that important maybe you could get years from 2012 onward tattooed on some part of your body and every January 1st get a line through the year just gone?
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  6. Yep....Mine jumped to March 1 already since I live "across the pond"....I set the date and now shows Feb 29....

    Thanks macspite!!!!!!
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