View Poll Results: Do you wear all your G-Shocks?

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  • I wear them all.

    22 61.11%
  • I wear most. Some are display only.

    12 33.33%
  • Wear the odd G. Most are display only.

    2 5.56%
  • All of my Gs are display only.

    0 0%
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    Do you wear all your G-Shocks

    Interested to find out if you wear all your G-Shocks? With some models being so collectable, rare and costly it's understandable some are reluctant to wear them.

    Personally I do wear all of my G-Shocks. Some I wear rarely due to not wanting to damage them...
    G-Shock Spares Wanted

    The Collection:GW-200Z Frogman, G-300LV-7AJF, Giez GS-300C-1B, G-2500, DW-5025B-7ER, DW-5200C-1, DW-5300-G9V, G-5500MC-8JF, G-5500R-1DR, DW-5600C-1, GW-M5600-1JF, Tokyo Design Project x DW-5750BR, DW-5900C-9, DW-6000GJ-1, DW-6100J-1, DW-6100CF-3JF Addict, DW-6500GJ-1B Skyforce, DW-6600, DW-8400G-1 Mudman, G-9100R-4 G-Rescue Gulfman, GW-9200-1ER Riseman, GW-9300-1DR Mudman, DW-9350MSJ-2T Raysman, DW-9700NK Gulfman

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    Yes, but then I only have three (for now).

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    Feb 2012
    Essex, England
    I wear all of them apart from my retired G-2000 and my collect London which is too rare to risk!

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    Nov 2011
    Yep.All of them,that`s what i bought them for.Granted some get more wrist time than others but they all get worn.For example the next time my froggy will probably be in the Red Sea july holidays,but then again it might be down the pub tonight.whatever takes my fancy at the time.Cheers...............Terry

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    Jul 2011
    South coast of UK
    Yes, I wear them all. Given that my job and hobbies are 60% scratching around in unpleasant environments for watches I tend to wear the beaters rather more than others but they all get wrist time. Some I will wear to go out but remove before bedtime and wear a beater overnight. None have so far shared a bath or shower with me (have you seen the way I change my batteries!)

    What influences the choice of what should go on the wrist on any particular day?
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    Jun 2011
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    I wear them all, some maybe less than others, and some (2 or 3 of the rarer ones) do not go into the shower or rumble-tumble with me, but still each and every one gets worn. I am the type who even if I have to sell my watches later, I will sell them as is, and of course price them accordingly. There are other investment methods that are more lucrative than watches, especially considering the ones I have. And strangely enough - none of my G-Shocks are showing signs of heavy wear...they are just that tough I guess.

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    Mar 2012
    Oklahoma City
    Like it was said above, I cycle through whichever one suits me that day, but they all get worn. That's what I love about them; Nice enough to show off, tough enough for everyday.

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    Mar 2012
    Puerto Rico
    No I dont sadly . But I do wear most of them 5/7 the only ones I'm not
    Wearing is the GA111DR and the GA110B that I stoped wearing cuz I like it so much I dont want to damage it, I mean is my 2nd G and the one that made realize I was addicted! xD

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    Jan 2012
    i wear all mine except one. but it will be worn eventually. just havent had that occasion to break it out and un-DS (shoe talk, haha).

    FWIW, i purchased all my Gs with the intent to wear them. there are other things i collect that rarely see light of day.

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    I wear all of my Casio's, the G's and the just plain old Casio's. The only ones I probably wouldn't wear are ones that are breaking down or have resin rot or are cracking, not that any of mine are, but if they were.

    Jason M.

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