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  1. How to spot a fake G-Shock ???

    Is there an expert on here that can tell me on how to spot a fake G-shock or not?

    My friend just bought his G-9000-1A and my uncle took a look at it, and my uncle said to him right away that this is fake.
    He said that he can tell by the weight of the watch. If its light enough just by holding it, then it is fake and it was made in China.

    All the markings and lettering on the watch were correct. But it was just the weight of the watch and the made in China was more of a concern to us.

    Please, for all the G-Shock fans out here, is there a guide that someone can post here or even a video on to tell if your G-shock is fake or not?


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    Well, the wiki article here is a good start > (still needs a lot of work, I know).

    If you aren't sure just post a picture up here and we'll take a look and advise. The main thing which is normally a give away (for me at least) is the LCD. Even the latest GX-56 fakes don't quite have the Casio LCD down.
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    It's funny because there are actually C-Shock watches sold somewhere here in the Philippines. And just recently, I saw S-Shock watches. They are made of cheap-looking shiny plastic with blurry LCD, and the price is just too good to be true.

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    i mostly purchase 6900's ... and for the most part the the three circles on the bezels of the fake 6900's had random blinking. Not in sequence like the original G-shocks.

    Has anyone seen any fake 6900's with working second markers?
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    look at the back is the lettering and model numbers all in the same places? did it come with authentic looking tin and instructions? and even some authentic g-shocks are japanese movements but made in china.

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