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    Twin Sensor Trend

    I set out to collect one of each of the Masters of G, but they keep raising the bar. It seems like the trend in the master of G series started with atomic/solar features, now they're getting more sensors.

    First the Riseman, this year the Mudman gets 2 sensors. What next? A twin sensor Gulfman? Frogman?
    What 2 sensors would you put on a Gulfman? I can't imagine the pricetag on a frogman that has atomic/solar AND twin sensors.

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    For a frog I would like a depth meter and water temperature but then we are competing with dedicated dive computers, be useful as a (very expensive) backup though.

    Gulfman - compass and barometer, for those times when you are standing on the mudflats in the fog with the tide coming in ...

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    I'd agree that with every iteration of Master of G they are packing in more features - and with this of course the price increases!

    To be fair the Riseman was always a twin sensor. Be interesting to see if they add sensors to Frogman or Gulfman. My guess would be the Frog will remain as is, even when a new model arrives in a few years. The Gulfman is more likely to get such functionality, think it could be a while before the Gulfman line gets refreshed though.

    Interested to see if (and when) a Master of G gets triple sensors. Clearly it is possible but I wonder if Casio will refrain in order to 'protect' their ProTrek line....
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