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Saddened by this one as I had written to the seller and got what seemed to be a sensible reply but the auction was allowed to run to its expensive end:

Dear top-custom-bitz,

Sorry to give you bad news but the watch is no way a genuine Casio. There has never been a Frogman model with hands. You may want to check the archive:

What you have is a relatively common fake obtainable in Malaysia, Singapore and the like. A genuine frogman is a precision piece of kit with beautiful machining and excellent quality printing down to the smallest letters. The watch you have does not have that feel of a precision implement.

You may wish to think about withdrawing this and relisting with a different description. If you think I am talking out of my ar** then I suggest you show pictures of the watch on one of the forums such as or and see the reaction.

Some links -


Thankyou for this information as i was unaware of this as i bought alot of stock with a few of gshocks will have to saught this out ..


- top-custom-bitz