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    Just need an opinion on Frogman.

    Hello everyone!

    I've been searching arround all the internet and well as many People here I love the frogman... The thing as allways, the price. The one I like the most is the Kermit frogman and the prices arround are ridiculous. I mean I know is a limited edition and all bit really I've seen one for $1,000 and not on the bay. I just wanted to know ur opinion on them I have had one in hand and they fell awesome but are they worth it? I'm just a student with a part time job. And havent got lucky with a trade or anything. So well what do you guys think?

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    Nice watches but you pay for the quality. If you then factor in the rarity premium put on the limited editions it is easy to see why they g. for $1000 in some cases.

    Worthwhile setting up a search on eBay - beware of the fakes on there - or looking at Watch Recon, a sort of digest of al the ads on various sites over the last seven days, seems to be updated in real time.

    To save you the hassle of setting up a search if you follow this link then you will get a couple of pages showing all the Casio watches for sale on the full selection of sites.

    You can then tailor it to your own maximum price, model etc.

    Good luck with your search!
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    The men in burning red is a nice colour. I like the ordinary one too which can be had for £399.
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    thanks for the reply's

    That's a pretty interesting sit there Macspite didn't know those existed. But yeah I know you have to pay for quality, but still why so much? Right now is a bit out of budget still and the ones I really like are still very out of my league money wise (the new mudman looks really nice too).

    About the man in burning red how much could those be found for???

    hoping I find one at a reasonable price or maybe an exchange with some one who's willing, do you guys think is possible?

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