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  1. Water Resist 200M Question on a DW-6600?

    I wear a G-Shock model of DW-6600 and I LOVE it. Its great.

    But one question. On the watch it states that it is 200M Water Resist.

    During this time of year though, we have pretty huge rainfall and tremendous down pours were it just rains very very hard.
    Now, suppose this watch gets pounded with such heavy storms with rain, will it survive?

    I do NOT take a shower or swim with this watch. I just never do, even if it says 200M Water Resist just to be on the safe side.

    But will it survive these Spring heavy rain storms?

    During the day, it gets warm, and I dont wear a jacket to at least cover it over the watch.

    Please give me some insights on this.

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    There should be no problems at all, Ive taken my G-Shocks in the sea, in the shower, in torrential rain storms, I have never had any issues

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    My DW-6600, bought when they first came out, survived ten years of regular diving in the sea. Got put in drawer when I couldn't see why the local jeweller wanted £40 to send the watch to Casio for a new battery so treated myself to an analog Seiko instead.

    Revived the watch last August with a new bezel as the old one fell apart when I picked the watch up. Opened it up for a new battery and everything inside was fine, no hint of water intrusion at any time.

    So don't get paranoid about spring rain storms
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  5. Thanks for all the support. paranoid is great!!!!!! It means that I really really love this watch.

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