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    For G-Shocks you may be better off buying individual tools as there aren't too many required. Not to clued up about the watch repairer supply shops in Arizona but I suspect there aren't that many.

    A good quality Phillips head screwdriver #PH000 is the main tool you will need for taking the screws off, have yet to encounter a need for a flat blade.

    Additional for battery changing - good quality pointed metal tweezers, round end plastic tweezers, a paperclip and a tube of silicone grease

    For strap removal:

    A good quality spring bar removal tool - these have a pin end and a forked end.

    For metal bands:

    A good quality (sense a theme developing here?) press for the pins that hold a metal strap together and (optional) a couple of sizes of mounted pins (like half a pin bar tool) for pushing in the springbars that hold the clasp together.

    A couple of eyeglasses (loupes) say 4.5x and 10x magnification either hold in place like a monocle (we Brits are excellent at that doancha know?) or the ones that clip onto eyeglasses if you near vision is a little challenged like mine.

    Ebay isn't necessarily the place to buy these, there is a lot of cheap crap out there but it depends how often you are going to need the tools. Of course if you have the right tools you are far more likely to find uses for them and there is great satisfaction in doing a job on a watch that then works, especially when you realise the money saved.

    I think you may well need to buy on line but google for watch makers suppliers and see what comes up. The most respected name is also the most expensive - Bergeon - a little like Sabatier are for kitchen knives; very good but a little bit of overkill for the occasional user.

    Hope this helps

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    @macspite wow, thanks for all of the information. Now I know What I need. I'm really not into paying someone for battery changes and band adjustments.


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