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    Introduction to the forum

    Hi to All,

    Im from the Caribbean I've been introduced to g-shocks just about 10 years, Im in love with the design and tough nature of these watches . Im interested inn the resale and awareness of the watches Id need some help finding great deals on authentic models not withstanding the several fake models available.

    I look forward to your replies


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    Welcome to the forum Atiba.
    Post moved and now sorted.

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    be easy on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willylix View Post
    be easy on
    Lol he just seems like a reseller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnalogAndDigital View Post
    Lol he just seems like a reseller.
    Aren't we all resellers at some point? Either selling to buy a different model, to make a little profit, or when times get hard and need extra cash.
    To view my collection please visit my Youtube Channel

    Thanks :-)

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    ive never sold anything don't know how to set up the paypal account lol. technological challenged.

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