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    Exclamation Looking For a GW-M5610BC-1JF - Immediate Help Needed!

    Ok guys I need your help... I am on the hunt my next G and I am hoping to purchase within the next day or two. I am looking for a GW-M5610BC-1JF Japan model. I found one on Amazon JP for around $220ish. I do not have a PP account after they screwed me over, so payment will be by CC. If you know where one can be found, please let me know here, or send an IM. I would really like to buy tomorrow if possible. I know this is short notice, but you know how it is when the itch strikes.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

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    Amazon accept debit card and credit cards....well here in the UK they do anyway....why not register a card?
    By PP I assume you mean PayPal?
    Why do you need to purchase in two days?
    Your limited to either a Casio retailer in the US or eBay/amazon really...or failing that a 2nd hand watch. Have you looked on the watchuseek forum?
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    That price is pretty good.

    Have you looked at our Where to buy G-Shock article in the wiki. You might contact sellers like Seiya-san or Highuchi who come recommended. Looks like chino watch have this listed too > .

    Here is the best I could find on eBay > , pretty sure you can checkout with eBay using just a credit card as a paypal guest or somesuch.
    G-Shock Spares Wanted

    The Collection:GW-200Z Frogman, G-300LV-7AJF, Giez GS-300C-1B, G-2500, DW-5025B-7ER, DW-5200C-1, DW-5300-G9V, G-5500MC-8JF, G-5500R-1DR, DW-5600C-1, GW-M5600-1JF, Tokyo Design Project x DW-5750BR, DW-5900C-9, DW-6000GJ-1, DW-6100J-1, DW-6100CF-3JF Addict, DW-6500GJ-1B Skyforce, DW-6600, DW-8400G-1 Mudman, G-9100R-4 G-Rescue Gulfman, GW-9200-1ER Riseman, GW-9300-1DR Mudman, DW-9350MSJ-2T Raysman, DW-9700NK Gulfman


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