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    Selling a few watches on eBay

    I recently purchased a case for my G's. It seems it can comfortably hold 18 watches, so I've decided to limit my G-Shock collection to this number. Unfortunately, for me, my current collection stands at 39 G's.

    Instant 10% off listed prices, as this is equal to the eBay selling fees.

    Feel free to make me sensible offers, but please note I'm not desperate to sell, so will probably hold out for the prices I want.

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    Was hoping id see the parra up there. Good luck with your sales.

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    If you wanna sell that GA110A-9, PM me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shocker View Post
    If you wanna sell that GA110A-9, PM me!
    I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping the GA110A-9 and A-4. Though if I change my mind I'll definitely give you a shout.

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    Might be an idea to check your pricing on this one.
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    Are you selling the ga-110 hc? Or are you keeping it?

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