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    New Arrivals - 2012 Love The Sea And The Earth x G-Shock Collection - GWX-8900K + GW-

    When the 2012 Spring/Summer G-Shock catalog was let released by Clemiko, I had a very small shopping list... JUST the Men in Military Mudman and Frogman I told myself... when the new Love The Sea and The collaborations were available for pre-order a month ago, I broke down and just had to, LOL!

    I had mixed emotions with the Earthwatch X G-Shock GW-9300K-3JR Mudman... it was a bit to colorful for me but DOH!, I had a Parra x G-Shock. What's a little more color I asked myself? Especially when in it's one of my favorite G-Shock model - da 9300 Atomic Mudman!

    On the other hand the new ICERC x G-Shock GWX-8900K-3JR was a must have... the colorway, Whale G light button, brushed aluminum bezel and in the new GWX-8900 Atomic case. This was a great follow-up to the previous year's GW-6900K-7JR.

    Now onto the photos!

    Dual G-Shock Pack!

    ICERC x G-Shock GWX-8900K-3JR

    Amazing sea foam blue/green color

    One of Casio's new atomic GWX-8900 Series - dual LED Illunimator, wave and moon functions.
    The brushed aluminum bezel and chrome whale G-light button are a great contrast.

    Strap detail and brushed stainless steel strap keeper adds a quality touch.

    Another whale sighting!!!

    ICERC case back detail

    Earthwatch X G-Shock GW-9300K-3JR

    It's NUKU-LAR!!!

    Depending on the lighting, the colors go from tame to NUKU-LAR, LOL! The bright and mixed colorway will be too much for most G-Shock aficionado's but it's mad different, quite fun, and makes for a great summer G-Shock!

    Unlike other carbon fiber strap Mudmans, the strap isn't opaque to see the carbon fiber detail.

    Custom stainless steel strap keeper

    Love The Sea and The Earth case back detail

    Hope everyone has enjoyed the quick unboxing shots!
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    Tell me I can live without the ICERC 8900.. please... lol

    Shots look great!!!

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    That Mudman is awesome I want one
    It's a G thing


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    Very nice pair of watches them.

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    Look top notch.
    Congrats on the new purchases.
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    I wouldn't be able to own these pieces and not wear them....very cool.

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    THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I am going to go cut myself in pure jealousy now lol. No I'm not but they look really good. i didn't think i would like the 8900 when i saw it a while back, but these pics have changed my mind! Very nice stuff!

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    Great pics and watches, wear in good health

    Quote Originally Posted by k1ngunit View Post
    i didn't think i would like the 8900 when i saw it a while back, but these pics have changed my mind! Very nice stuff!
    x2, looks really good in the flesh (as it were).
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    love that 8900!! Excellent pictures

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    very rare and beautifull watches.

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