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    Rutteger, fellow members, need help on tech specs....

    Hello again from Tx. I am considering buying the Globe GRX5600 vs. the GWM5610. So the Globe (5600) says it's Solar powered on the tech specs and that is about all I could find. The GWM5610 is loaded with everything including it has the Multi Band 6. So my questions are:

    1. Since the Globe has Solar power, does this mean it will only power it via Solar, but has no sort of wave cepter technology or solar type signal that actually sends it time signals? Meaning would it require me to adjust the time myself when traveling to different time zones or when daylight savings time occurs twice a year where I live.

    2. What are the advantages of having Muti-Band 6 as opposed to just Solar powered?

    I have done my research, and really love learning about the technology g shock has, but need some help from some experts such as you guys. Any feedback, tips, or recommendations you personally prefer etc I would GREATLY appreciate it. Ex. Some people say the Red LCD on the Globe may get annoying and hard to read over time. Any owners of the GLOBE let me know if that bothers you or not.

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    Welcome to the site

    First up tough solar and waveceptor / multiband6 are not related. Tough solar simply means the watch is able to charge / recharge the battery using solar power. Waveceptor / Multiband6 means the watch can sync time with an atomic clock using radio signals broadcast from 6 transmitters around the world.

    1. Yes
    2. The time will sync with the atomic clock. This assumes you are in range of one of the radio masts.

    The GW-M5610 is a classic solid model with great functionality. I have the regular GW-M5600 and it's good, the normal LCD is very legible. The Globe x GRX-5600 is a cooler collab, you lose the Multiaband but gain the surf functions. The red LCD certainly looks harder to read than a regular LCD.
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    As a former owner of the GRX Globe... yes, it was impossible (for my eyes) to read the red LCD. Looks great but didn't serve it's purpose. But either way you'll have to change the time zone when you travel. Only the GB6900 Bluetooth models will change the time for you. On the 5610, it'll update daylight savings time (DST) for you.

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    You could get the best of both worlds if you got a GWX-5600. They have tide/moon graphs AND are multiband (5 or 6, not sure) They're rare, but really nice.

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