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    Trade my 2001 Yamaha yz125 worked dirt bike for ga110

    I have pics will trade for the ga110f 2jr. Or the evengelian blue and white. And or the black dee and ricky. Let me know if interested! Email me.

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    let e get're gonna trade your dirt bike for a g-shock?

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    A certain g shock. It'd def worth it. U have any u wanna trade or sell

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    I actually have one g-shock for sale right now, it's a in4mation collaboration. glx6900x-2 battleship grey.Name:  glx_6900x_2-big2_1_400.jpeg
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    Im more into the ga110. Or the dgx

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    right on. Good luck getting the pieces you want. Do you have an G's right now?

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