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    Just done my first GA110 Mod

    As in title, not to most peoples tastes as its quite a colourful mix. But I like it. What do you all think? Getting that strap back on was a real pain to get located in the holes. Does anybody have any tips on getting them in securely into the holes? as it just seems to be guesswork and luck to ensure the other end of the springbar is located in the hole. Mine just flew out alot of times before finally settling into the hole.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks cool, more pics would be great. Springbars can be a real pain.. if you have a forked springbar tool, you can use it to guide the springbar into the hole. On some watches (not Casio), you have to manually guide the springbar into the hole.. really tough when there isn't much space to work with. So, tell us what you did here!

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    Hi, thanks, I have a Bergeon 1mm springbar tool but its still hard to locate the pin in when you use the tool to push the second end in, just seems hard to locate and fit into the hole. I use the tool to push it down, and it looks like its located, but when I give it a little wriggle to check, the bar flies out. I must have tried it 100 times before it finally located. You have to manually guide them in on these too, or have I misinterpreted what you mean?
    OK Its basically one bit from each of my watches that I thought would go well colourwise. All GA110 models.

    GA110-2A- Module
    GA110-3 - bezel
    GA110HC2- blue strap
    GA110HC6- Yellow strap
    GA110FC1 - Keeper

    Basically took each bit off each watch.
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    Looks totally mental - brilliant.
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    I love it. Time for the obligatory wrist shot!

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    Glad you found a carpet to match the watch! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willylix View Post
    Glad you found a carpet to match the watch! :P
    Its the ironing board, got lucky with that one. I take a rist shot on the weekend, as my phone is useless and cant transfer pictures, I tried last night without luck, so to my sisters trusting Ipad on the weekend it will have to be.

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    Really like it and it reminds me why I like Gs so much.They're fun
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