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    Most surprising G-Shocker?

    Who is the most surprising G-Shock fan? It could be you or someone you know, for example your Granny or someone with an interesting story to tell.

    If we find any interesting stories this might get featured in the G-Shock 30th Anniversary book so let's hear them
    G-Shock Spares Wanted

    The Collection:GW-200Z Frogman, G-300LV-7AJF, Giez GS-300C-1B, G-2500, DW-5025B-7ER, DW-5200C-1, DW-5300-G9V, G-5500MC-8JF, G-5500R-1DR, DW-5600C-1, GW-M5600-1JF, Tokyo Design Project x DW-5750BR, DW-5900C-9, DW-6000GJ-1, DW-6100J-1, DW-6100CF-3JF Addict, DW-6500GJ-1B Skyforce, DW-6600, DW-8400G-1 Mudman, G-9100R-4 G-Rescue Gulfman, GW-9200-1ER Riseman, GW-9300-1DR Mudman, DW-9350MSJ-2T Raysman, DW-9700NK Gulfman

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    True story:

    I was having a problem with my air conditioning unit last week. I called my uncle, he is a contractor and knows this way around home repairs, and he came over.

    He was wearing a G-shock, a very common one, and I asked him about it. I was absolutely surprised when he told me he loves G-Shocks.

    He didn't know how popular G-shocks were or that collaborations exist. He said he once saw a G-shock at Macy's which he liked but it was too expensive compared to the $50-$100 G-shocks he normally purchases. I asked him which one it was and he said he didn't remember the name. He went on to describe it, said it was white and black.... ummmm could be anything.... and he clearly remembered a bomb painted on the band....

    I took him to see my collection, hoping I had the piece he was referring to. He look at my display, my lighting, my collection and lets just say my AC unit did not get fixed that day. He carefully inspected each piece, pushing the glow button, and looking and commenting on the details. After he finished all 60+ watches he said.... nope, I don't see it here. I quickly fired up the computer and googled "black and white gshock bomb".... the second link offered was to this website: and I quickly remembered... THE HUNDREDS!!!! His eyes lit up like a kid on Chirstmas morning... and then felt defeated like the same kid who opens a gift only to find socks, when I told him it is sold out and kind of difficult to find.

    I gave him one of my muddies for keepsake and told him I would try to find the hundreds for him..... G-shock, 30 years and running. Enough TIME to attrack people of all ages. Including my 60 year old uncle.

    To view my collection please visit my Youtube Channel

    Thanks :-)

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    That's An awesome story. I'm looking to sell my hundreds gshock if ur still interested or didn't find him one yet. It's brand new never been wore with tin.

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    Well I don't know how much it's worth but I see it sell on eBay for around 250$ so I guess that reasonable considering what I paid and how it's become so hard to find now. I never wore and it's got the tin and all so. Just let me knw if your interested and I'll ship it out free of charge for 250$ I guess.


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