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    Advice Please: Looking for a Men's G Shock for a Small Wrist!

    Hi everyone, newbie here

    Really struggling to find something that ticks all the boxes:

    Please can people help me find something

    my wrist is 14cm, I have considered baby g but are they meant for adults?

    I am looking for something that:

    • I can clearly read the digits, I bought the G5500B-1D recently but could barely read the time if the watch wasn't angle correctly
    • Costs no more than £150
    • Could be colourful
    • Is not a G-Lide, not interested in the tides
    • Must be a resin/rubber strap

    Thanks everyone

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    You can't go wrong with a 6900

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    I agree 6900 are comfortable and very practical in all forms. I wouldn't be concerned with size of watch on small wrist. Big is in and it will not look too big on your wrist and it will adjust tight enough in my opinion. If anyone disagrees please shoot me down and correct me, just my opinion.

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    Thank you laz304 and Bwellz. I have just purchased the DW-6930A-4ER and GW-M5630A-4ER, looking at the DW-6900CR-1ER and DW-6900CR-3ER but can't find anywhere selling them yet!

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    A couple of pieces I've got that seem to come up quite small are,


    And 8100
    It's a G thing


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    Cool, thanks for the pics Tubs.

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    DW-5600 series maybe?
    my next target

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    Mine also.

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    i agree with the 5600 series. I also have small wrists 5600 are thin and come in several Limited Editions. I only wish I could afford them all! Just copped The Hundreds, and it is awesome (although I will never wear it)!

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    Thank you wesleyforbes and m4a1_90

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