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    GDF100-1B temperature accurate/dependable?

    Does the GDF100-1B keep accurate indoor / outdoor temperature?

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    Will it read out temperature in Fahrenheit or just Celsius?

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    Will read both degrees. Works best if u take it off your wrist and let it sit out for a while.

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    I was afraid you would say that. It kind of defeats the purpose if I have to take it off my wrist to get an accurate readout. I appreciate your response. I thought I had read somewhere this model wasn't real accurate on temp. To me that is one of the features that would make me purchase this watch. Unfortunate!

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    I don't have a GDF-100 but my Riseman, Mudman, Raf and A-1000 all read the same as my room thermometer when off the wrist.

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    I read that temp is affected by being on your wrist because of body temperature. Makes sense now. Thanks for the responses.

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