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    Whos fancies a little bit of Catch me if you can

    I see many off you on my travels around town here and there, and as you all know i always have a different G on the Wrist,

    Going to start a little bit of a discount seek me out, Who fancies a little cheeky discount on your fav Gs,

    Find me, or guess the watch i am wearing that day and i will issue you with a code that you can redeem in either store 25% off your G, and if you guess from a distance and cant get to town then it will be an online discount code,

    Tomorrow,08/11/12 i will be seeing both of our wonderful Store managers and feeling a little Classic shape going on, If you were one of the lucky ones back in the carnaby st days roughly four years ago you may have one yourselves, this watch collaboration doesn't come round that often, however the latest was the fastest selling G in both stores this year,

    Let have a little fun this XMAS,


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    Give you an idea, heres what is on the wrist this today,
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  4. Mmmm I have an idea , when can I guess ?

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    I guess it's a square Eric Haze 5600?

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    Agree with Psweeting, got to be the DW-5600EH-7.

    Mike, we've got to see the collection, you must have some real gems.

  7. Bugger , that was going to be my guess too. Sweet piece.

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    First person to DM me the FULL model code gets the Discount, or meets me at the Shop,

    Love this watch,

    Delivery in at Shops by the way, new new new lines,

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    Well Guys, We have a Winner, but still no one has caught me in store, # if you do today then discount will be yours as well,
    Yep it was the DW-5600EH-7ER, 25th Anniversary Model, in my view better than the 30th, Classic and simple,
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  10. Thanks Buddy ,
    Sorry i missed you at GSE , but had a good Natter with Jon.
    It was all in the clues
    A classic shape
    This years fastest seller ....
    .... and from a post a few weeks ago i knew you had the tin !

    Many thanks and cheers for the effort you go to - to keep us fans in the loop .

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    As i sit here in LDN having my Grande Latte and piece of Ginger loaf, i look down at my wrist and see a rather large gleaming white watch smiling back at me, its negative display with a haze of a red tint, whoops the strap just came out of its black keeper,

    Guys, can you guess it or pass on by LDN today, im here until closing,



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