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    9052 stealth & repair project

    First time so be gentle!

    This 9052 came as part of a very cheap job lot but it had a badly scuffed and faded bezel and aftermarket nylon strap.

    New resin was ordered from Casio UK and between lunch and F1 yesterday I set about dismantling and general fiddling/cleaning; below is where I'm at as my polarising film hasn't arrived yet.

    - New bezel srealthed using satin black aerosol paint sprayed into an old cap and then brushed on and excess wiped off using a solvent
    - All lattering on crystal removed (I can't get to the letters around the extreme edge) using non acetone nail polish removed and a tiny scraper blade I found in the garage - no scratches at all.
    - Silver "eye" repainted satin black
    - G Button and function buttons repainted satin black (tried Sharpie marker first but not nice)
    - Chromed pinhead rivets repainted satin black

    It will be converted to negative display before neing bolted back together.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice start, look forward to the final result. You going with the stock strap?
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    Yep - new strap came with bezel.

    I might try and find a black buckle too.

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