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    New Gshock question about G light button.

    Just bought a new Gshock and have had it for a few days and just noticed that sometimes when the illumination light is pressed i can feel like a click and 9 times out of ten i don't. Is it just that the button needs breaking in? it almost feels like it gets a little caught on the sides as i press.

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    It is possible to slightly misalign the module which could cause issues similar to those you mention, especially if the EL button is on the side. Does the display look fully aligned with the face?

    Assuming you purchased it from new I'd think about returning it. Alternatively you could remove the back and very gently ensure the module is fully aligned and that the EL button doesn't catch at all.

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    so far it hasn't done it anymore. no more click. I do notice that if i don't push it straight down, like press it at an angle it doesn't push down as smooth and i figure cause its plastic on plastic rubbing on the sides.


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