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    Mmmmmmmmm limited to 50!!

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    I think it's kind of silly to make it a limited run of just 50... Thinking from a profit over overhead kind of thing, at least 100 would be more sensible. Looks like this variant on the G-8900 series has a negative display LCD with blue tint... something they did on another model a few years back. Looks cool to a degree, but not exactly what I'd call very usable. Oh, but wait... this is a production run G-Shock (G-8900A-1ER), where all that has been done is a minor customization to the band (Greddy imprint) and possibly a serial number stamping on the case back. How anybody in their right mind would pay a premium for such minor differentiation is beyond me.

    Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if Greddy's marketing team wanted to trump up cachet for his branding and convinced CASIO to make the limited run that much more scarce... But not even a "Greddy" name on the dial... tsk, tsk.
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    Talk about price gouging at its finest. It was $160 when released like2 weeks ago... 750% mark up.

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    Just showing people whats out there thats all!!


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