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    Well, i've decided to focus on certain G-shock types than have a random general G-Shock collection. I was perusing my collection last night and have decided to sell off 8 or 9 of my existing collection, keeping one or two special pieces and start concentrating on the camoflage examples.

    I just find the extent of different types of G bewildering sometimes and one of the reasons i like G's is because they can come in many different colours and styles yet i always seem to go for the black examples. Having had a couple of glossy G's, i know they are not for me but the 'Jam in' series has captured my imagination and i reckon i'll be dancing down that isle for a while.

    Having said all that, i was wondering if anyone else has a 'Focus' or is it just general G's?

    Don't get me wrong, if i see one i like and it does'nt fall into my categorie, i'll still 'ave it!

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    Interesting, went through quite similar when I started collecting G-Shocks. More or less just picked up anything which caught my eye and / or was cheap. Ended up with some nice stuff which I still have and on the flip some which I cared for less. Ended up flogging a lot and starting over. Think I have less focus than your collection although I try to pick up one (or two) of the models which interest me, these are genereally older models (or styles) and Masters.

    The camo focus is an interesting one, think Casio will have this covered though!


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