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Thread: Is it just me?

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    Question Is it just me?

    Had to post because I think I am be missing something but reading threads on various forums about the Maison Martin Margiela release and how everyone loves it but to me it looks awful.

    Now don't get me wrong I love G Shocks but this one just does nothing for me and I know the saying 'to each their own' but is it just me or does anyone else think the same?


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    Nope, it's vile. It's a terrible G to begin with and the colour/strap is pretty awful too. I guess the only positive is that it isn't just a little extra printing on a stock G, they a made a bit of an effort.

    The people going mad for this are probably people who have bought it and need to justify the purchase. I don't expect you will ever see one of these on anyones wrist out in the wild.

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    I've seen one up close and the detail on the actual watch is quite nice. Bit remenissant of the Krink.
    It's a G thing


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    Haven't seen one in person, only Feisar's photos and online stuff.

    I love the XL's in general, and was really looking forward to the 300's. I got the Initial Blue (GA303), and am disappointed with it. The gear ring around the inside of the bezel just doesn't look precision in any way. I am thinking about one more to give it a chance (either the brown or the black and copper).

    I just hope this limited version appears nicer in this regard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbly Tubs View Post
    I've seen one up close and the detail on the actual watch is quite nice. Bit remenissant of the Krink.
    Where did you manage to see one in the flesh BT, GSE?
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